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Group Previews again


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Group Previews again

Post by ovfd55 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:37 am


2 Key Offensive Players:

2 Key Defensive Players:

Best Offseason Move:

Thoughts on your Division:.

Anything Else you want to say:

One Bold Prediction:

Prediction on your Record:

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by ovfd55 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:50 am

Team: Washington Redskins

2 Key Offensive Players: Robert Griffin III and Curtis Dozier

2 Key Defensive Players: Logan Bollinger and Brain Orakpo

Best Offseason Move: Signing Chris Snee-Anytime you get a good player by stealing him from a division rival is a good thing

Thoughts on your Division:. Will be tough as always,I can't get lucky vs these guys but for so often

Anything Else you want to say:FUall who stole my scouted rookies

One Bold Prediction:1 New member makes the playoffs

Prediction on your Record:11-5
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Re: Group Previews again

Post by SyrcsePride on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:18 am

Team: Buffalo Bills

2 Key Offensive Players: Jordan Mapa and CJ Spiller

2 Key Defensive Players: Mario Williams and Kelvin Sheppard

Best Offseason Move: Trading my 2014 draft for 2015 draft

Thoughts on your Division: Solid division up and down. I've been fortunate on the sim front and would like to actually play kotb. Also don't think I'll have the same success against Biz. I'm due for an ass whipping. I'm fine with that as long as he sends Lauren Tannehill to take care of me.

Anything Else you want to say: Don't want to see or hear excuses for guys not being able to get their games in. I'm fucking skipping lunches over here. Trust me, my fat ass can skip a meal or two, but it doesn't mean I like it.

One Bold Prediction: NFC North only gets one in the playoffs. They'll beat the shit of out of each other.

Prediction on your Record: 6-10

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by bayoub3ngals on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:01 am

Team: Washington Redskins

2 Key Offensive Players: Dalton and AJ Green

2 Key Defensive Players: Morgan and Mays

Best Offseason Move: Able to resign my big names and still make moves to get players i needed. and i still got cap space GM OF THE YEAR....not

Thoughts on your Division:. I have no clue, just hopin i can repeat what OC did

Anything Else you want to say: yea screw u OV i figured with 2 picks within 8 of each other i could snatch my Oline first then king just a couple picks later. guess i was wrong...smh

One Bold Prediction: the end of the world happens on september 8th, at 12:07:55 pm

Prediction on your Record:12-4
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Re: Group Previews again

Post by WildTurkeKiller on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:07 am

Team: Tennessee Titans

2 Key Offensive Players: Chris Johnson (going for 2K this season)

2 Key Defensive Players: Still Derrick Morgan (76 ovr plays like 90 ovr)

Best Offseason Move: Made a lot but hoping Lofton makes an impact

Thoughts on your Division:. Damn u RudeBoiX!!!

Anything Else you want to say: Going kick Boseefus ass!!

One Bold Prediction: I win the AFC South

Prediction on your Record: 10-6

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by bizzyrg on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:45 am

Miami Dolphins

2 Key O Players: Tannehill and Bush: While Miller will get the starting nod this year as we prep for life without Bush next year. Bush will be used in ways that will drive coaches crazy.

2 Key D Players: Wake and Peppers: Absolutely no doubt that my defense begins and ends with pressure. These 2 each had 20+ sacks last year and I expect the same. If you want to hold the ball we will get to you. And stop blaming your RT.

Best Offseason Move: To be determined: I think Erick the WR I traded up for is a monster now, but he has a slow dev trait. Killing me. McCarthy has stepped in as the starting MLB and with his speed I expect big things from him.

Thoughts on Your Division: This division will play out much like last year going down to the wire. Wont say who wins it but it won’t be by more than a game.

Anything else you want to say: Last year my players complained about our lack of fun on Offense. So its back ladies, get your tissue ready.

One Bold prediction: Tannehill will not have more than 10 INTs this season.

Prediction on record: 11-5
G Waffle19

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by G Waffle19 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:58 am


2 Key Offensive Players: Tim Tebow DeRay Ray

2 Key Defensive Players: Jabari Greer Alameda T'amu

Best Offseason Move: FINALLY Tim Tebow is a Steeler. But other than that probably Jabari Greer will solidify the side opposite Ike Taylor now

Thoughts on your Division: I don't like them, none of them.

Anything Else you want to say: How about 2 things...1. Can I play Pack this year? Please Tosh and Bizzy...and 2. FEED ME ZUKE FEED ME ZUKE FEED ME ZUKE

One Bold Prediction: I make the playoffs.

Prediction on your Record: 11-5

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by Tosh on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:06 am

Team: Seattle Seahawks

2 Key Offensive Players: QB Russell Wilson and RB by committee

2 Key Defensive Players: MLB Bobby Wagner and FS Earl Thomas

Best Offseason Move: NONE, horrible offseason, pretty sure my team got worse. Thought I scouted awesome but my scouting report must have been stolen by everyone else in the draft. Traded away Mebane to go into the 1st and all my 1st round guys were gone, traded my 1st to get 2nds to see all my 2nd round guys get picked, and usually about 5 or less picks in front of me. HORRIBLE off season lol

Thoughts on your Division:. Coach hoping to implement 2 QB system, maybe on field at same time lol... Bo and phoofy looking to step it up and make this division a feared one!

Anything Else you want to say: Whoever stole my game shark, I would like it returned!!!

One Bold Prediction: My worst DWHO season ever!!

Prediction on your Record: 10-5-1
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Re: Group Previews again

Post by King on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:17 am

Team: Atlanta Falcons

2 Key Offensive Players: QB Donte Calloway and Julio Jones

2 Key Defensive Players: MLB Dansby and CB Carr

Best Offseason Move: Getting Calloway to begin my rebuilding process. Signing Peko to buff up my D line.

Thoughts on your Division: Toughest division in DWHO

Anything Else you want to say: New Falcon team this year. Better get your popcorn ready.

One Bold Prediction: I will have a winning season.

Prediction on your Record: 11-5 and still miss playoffs


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Re: Group Previews again

Post by VanFlank on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:18 am

2 Key Offensive Players: Big Ben / Aaron Hernandez

2 Key Defensive Players: JPP / Kenny Philips

Best Offseason Move: Drafting a donkey

Thoughts on your Division:. OVFs to lose. Giants need to be more consistent to win it.

Anything Else you want to say: Whos trading me thier 1st?

One Bold Prediction: Ben will lead League in passing.

Prediction on your Record: 10-6 WC

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by coachw527 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:47 pm

Team: San Francisco 49ers

2 Key Offensive Players: Cole Lowe QB is going to be the starting QB taking over for Stephen Diaz who had a solid rookie season but struggled with turnovers down the stretch if Lowe can avoid turning the ball over 49ers will be a dangerous team if not another season like last year; Dominique Barnes WR had an outstanding rookie campaign, he is playing with a chip on his shoulder after being snubbed by Pro Bowl voters.

2 Key Defensive Players: Patrick Willis MLB, Hansen Wood DT

Best Offseason Move: Acquiring 2 new offensive lineman: RT Stewart (trade w/Titans) and C Clay (draft) both should help improve offensive line play

Thoughts on your Division: Like I said last season hopefully someone in our division can give tosh a run for his money. He has taken the NFC West title every season since the "French Revolution" I think its time for a new champ. Bo, phoofy, and myself need to step up our games and push those birds.

Anything Else you want to say: Every championship team has that one team that stands between them and their goal : Colts it was the Patriots, Bulls the Pistons for the 49ers its a certain team with bird on the helmet. Time to get over the "mental block"!!!!

One Bold Prediction: Grim has a winning record, his defense is nuts

Prediction on your Record: 9-7 No playoffs Sad

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by MoonShot11 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:10 pm

Team: Vikings

2 Key Offensive Players: Cameron QB and Forte HB

2 Key Defensive Players: The whole defense. We don't operate with just 2 guys defensively it is an entire team effort

Best Offseason Move: Matt Forte

Thoughts on your Division: Excited to play and cant wait to see how this division will do compared to other divisions

Anything Else you want to say: We are excited as a team as well as our fans and cant wait to play.

One Bold Prediction: That we get a first round bye in the playoffs

Prediction on your Record: 13-3 or 12-4

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by zoufan on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:10 pm

Team: The Kansas City Chiefs

2 Key Offensive Players: WR Larry Fitzgerald and QB Blaine Gabbert

2 Key Defensive Players: CB Brandon Flowers and LB Derrick Johnson

Best Offseason Move: Acquiring possibly a top 5 draft pick from the Cowboys for next season's draft.

Thoughts on your Division: Best division in DWho. Without question

Anything Else you want to say: AFC West will show the NFC East this season why the above statement is 100% true!!

One Bold Prediction: Larry Fitzgerald will lead all WR's in receiving yards.

Prediction on your Record: 10-6

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by Packinlipper on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:44 pm

Team: Baltimore Ravens

2 Key Offensive Players: RB Ray Rice Running from Rutgers and WR Torrey Smith

2 Key Defensive Players: CB Lardarius Webb and OLB Terrell Suggs

Best Offseason Move: Trading out of the #2 pick for two starters that filled holes and still managed to stay in first round.

Thoughts on your Division: With OC retiring its a whole new ball game. Anyone division until Bayou gets used to his team

Anything Else you want to say: DONT FUCKING SIM ME AND WAFFLE THIS SEASON!!!!!!! WE WANNA PLAY DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

One Bold Prediction: Ravens win Divi

Prediction on your Record: 9-7
daniel knugs

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by daniel knugs on Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:16 pm


2 Key Offensive Players: Philip Rivers and Andre Hubbard

2 Key Defensive Players: Eric Weddle and Melvin Ingram

Best Offseason Move: Trading 1st and 2nd rd picks for Miles Austin and Paul Poszluzny

Thoughts on your Division: we #1. high powered offenses and fast athletic defenses.

Anything Else you want to say: smashturbation

One Bold Prediction: Chargers to the Super Bowl this season!

Prediction on your Record: 12-4


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Re: Group Previews again

Post by skin4lyfe09 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:14 pm


2 Key Offensive Players: QB Cam Newton and RB Johnathan Stewart

2 Key Defensive Players: OLB Kuchley and Rookie FS "Furious Foster"

Best Offseason Move: Trading picks from Round 4-7 for another 1st Round Pick....resulted in shoring up my secondary with a starting CB and starting FS

Thoughts on your Division:. Im new to the division so I really dont know alot about it to be honest, I hear its tough though and the Super Bowl Champ did come out the division, so I guess we are all chasing the champs in the NFC South...

Anything Else you want to say: SmashMouth Football BABY!!!!!

One Bold Prediction: Panthers will lead the league in Rushing!!!!

Prediction on your Record: 8-8, young offensive line and WRs will have to grow-up fast if Panthers want to compete for title this year.....
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Re: Group Previews again

Post by no1xdraftpck on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:27 pm

Team: New Orleans Saints

2 Key Offensive Players: HB - J.Hampton - Led the NFC in rushing last season as the 7th round pick 2 drafts ago. He is eager to continue his appetite for the endzone, looking to rack up his 50th career rushing TD this season. QB - E.Pongi - Some questioned Coach DraftPck's judgement using a 1st round pick on a guy like this especially when you have future HOF QB D.Brees still slinging the ball pretty well. But with his ability to catch the D off guard with his blazing speed he helped proved to the league that there is a method to this coach's madness, as Pongi will be looking to acquire his 2nd Lombardi trophy is just as many years.

2 Key Defensive Players: CB - P.Robinson - The guy was a freak last year, breaking the DB record for INT's with 17. He will no longer be picked on by opposing QB's unless its in their gameplan to throw interceptions. Look for him to continue his great play as the Saints made an off-season move to pick up a solid CB(T.Campbell - 6'3 95 spd) to play on his opposite side. SS - J.Black - Highly skilled individual who earned a starting role last season in his rookie year. He can lay the boom on an unsuspecting RB or WR and make you pay with an arid pass.

Best Offseason Move: Bringing back a solid WR in R.Meachem and acquiring CB - T.Campbell to add to their arsenal of DB's.

Thoughts on your Division: Been a fierce division since the beginning. Arguably the best division in DWho. New guy coming into the div, should be fun to see how he faces in the dragons den.

Anything Else you want to say: Gonna do more for the league.

One Bold Prediction: SB stays in NFC south 3rd straight year.

Prediction on your Record: 13-3

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Post by rob13934 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:54 pm


2 Key Offensive Players: Ryan Mallet- Mallet has been sitting around looking pretty the last 3 years. Now is his time to shine with Brady riding off to the sunset. Mallet is looking to jump in and become the league MVP.

Wes Welker- Welker is getting up there in years. However, he is the glue that holds the offense together. Welker is going to become Mallets security blanket and hopefully turn their chemistry into two probowl nominations

2 Key Defensive Players: McCourty- McCourty has been a very solid CB for the NE Pats. More and more teams are deciding to target away from his side of the field.

Mayo- Mayo is a force when he is playing LB. He has 85 man coverage is fast and hits like a train. He has been nominated to the probowl every year in madden and will continue the current streak this year.

Best Offseason Move: Acquiring Stevie Johnson. With Brandon Lloyd leaving to test FA, the pats needed a sure handed veteran to flank the other side of wes welker. Also with the aquisition of Crabtree the Pats may be in the running for #1 offense this year. Mallet with Gronk, Welker, Stevie Johnson, Eddie Royal and Crabtree is a very formidible offense.

Thoughts on your Division:. This is the only division that has had two of it's players make the superbowl. In my opinion this division could be ranked the toughest division in the league.

One Bold Prediction: AFC East will send another team to the superbowl this season toi make it 3 years in a row.

Prediction on your Record:

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by zukezuchegno on Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:32 am

Team: The Cleveland Browns

2 Key Offensive Players: my OL

2 Key Defensive Players: my DL

Best Offseason Move: Getting all my players resigned Trich up next.

Thoughts on your Division: Please do not let BaYoU b3nGaLs be the next oc. Why does Pack play out of his mind every time he play me?

Anything Else you want to say: poop

One Bold Prediction: I finally pick in the top 10

Prediction on your Record: 6-10

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by cptgreybush on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:12 pm

Team: Houston Texans

2 Key Offensive Players: Arian Foster and Andre Johnson

2 Key Defensive Players: JJ Watt and Brian Cushing

Best Offseason Move: Signing Matt Ryan

Thoughts on your Division:. Great

Anything Else you want to say: No

One Bold Prediction: I will make the playoffs? Haha..thats funny

Prediction on your Record: 5-11

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by Crimsion on Sat Jan 19, 2013 10:18 am

2 Key Offensive Players: Jay Cutler / MJD

2 Key Defensive Players: Siller / Cox

Best Offseason Move: Getting two starting Gs in return for the 3rd overall pick

Thoughts on your Division: I hope Rude lets someone else win.

Anything Else you want to say: No.

One Bold Prediction: Grim will make the playoffs

Prediction on your Record: 9-7

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Re: Group Previews again

Post by kotb on Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:18 pm


2 Key Offensive Players: AP & Dustin Keller TE

2 Key Defensive Players: SS Tom Zbikowski & MLB David Harris

Best Offseason Move: Trading S. Holmes and acquiring Reuben Randle WR in return. Unloaded his contract (which was in final year) and gave myself 40+ million dollars for next years crop of FA when the natural rookie class contracts expire. Randle is a young WR he will start for me. All his catching stats are in the 80s from the good coaching he got in Cleveland.

Thoughts on your Division: up for grabs. 3 different winners in 3 years and sent a team to the AFC championship game each season as well as the SB the last two. Win division games and you make the playoffs.

Anything Else you want to say: Hope i get to play cuse at least 1x this year.

One Bold Prediction: Bundy wins NFC east.

Prediction on your Record: 9-7

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Re: Group Previews again

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