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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

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Group Season Preview


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Group Season Preview

Post by ovfd55 on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:23 am

Team: Pats

2 Key Offensive Players: McDonlad (RB) & Rob Gronkowski (TE)

2 Key Defensive Players: Burt Austin (SS) & Brandon Flowers (CB)

Best Offseason Move: Trading up to get McDonald and Austin

Thoughts on your Division: Should go down to the last week.

Anything Else you want to say: Laugh more... You will live longer.

Prediction on your Record: 9-7


Team: Buffalo Bills

2 Key Offensive Players: Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I need Fitzpatrick to make quick, precise throws. This is the first time I'm using F-Jax so his skill set determines if I bring in the rookie stud, Carlos Holmes.

2 Key Defensive Players: Marcel Dareus and Kyle Williams. These two guys will determine how the complimentary pieces do. If they can hold their own on the run then the swarm can close in. If they can provide consistent pressure then the outside can take advantage of the one on one match-ups.

Best Offseason Move: Trading for Mike Williams. It's been awhile since the Bills had a reliable WR opposite Steve Johnson and Williams brings that stability to the WR corp. The sting of losing Spiller is lessened by the drafting of Holmes.

Thoughts on your Division: Solid division with RELIABLE AND ACTIVE owners. Should be a hard fought and close division battle.

Anything Else you want to say: Playoffs or bust.

Prediction on your Record: 7-9


Team: The Bengals

2 Key Offensive Players: Andy Dalton and AJ Green

2 Key Defensive Players: Taylor Mays and Malauga

Best Offseason Move: getting FA lt Mcneil to fill out the oline

Thuaghts on your Division: Vanflank+HA+OC vs Tosh

Anything Else you want to say: we will find a way to bring down tosh and the brownies

Prediction on your Record: 12-4

Team: Baltimore Ravens

2 Key Offensive Players: Ray Rice and Ray Rice

2 Key Defensive Players: Ray Lewis and Ray Rice (Best defense is a good offense...too bad mine's ONE dimensional)

Best Offseason Move: Drafting Taurice "The Albino Blaxican" Pearson

Thoughts on your Division: The AFC North is the most competitive division in the league. Three teams going to make the playoffs every year and I'll be rooting for them. It'll be weird having THE Ohio State on the banner at season's end.

Anything Else you want to say: BRAVO to the management team seeing that it was time to move on. The 32 guys we have now better be sim junkies dedicated to 48 hour advances or else I'm sicking my wife on them. I'm glad that Van implemented my bounty system idea. She's going to love collecting Best Buy cards once we expand it to owners.

Prediction on your Record: 3-13


2 Key Offensive Players: Mike Wallace / Antonio Brown

2 Key Defensive Players: Lamar Woodley /Troy P

Best Offseason Move: 1st rd CB Kenan Morgan

Thuaghts on your Division: One of the toughest by far. All top notch D's

Anything Else you want to say: Very happy to see this thing turned around and people having fun again, it's great. Thanks to everyone.

Prediction on your Record: 6-10


Team: Tennessee Titans

2 Key Offensive Players: Adrian Peterson and Kenny Britt

2 Key Defensive Players: Richard Seymour and Micheal Griffen

Best Offseason Move: trading for Adrian Peterson and Richard Seymour

Thuaghts on your Division: with my weapons, i should be the winner

Anything Else you want to say:

Prediction on your Record:11-5

Team: Colts

2 Key Offensive Players: WR R. Wayne, TE A. Hernandez

2 Key Defensive Players: DE D. Freeney, DE R. Mathis, FS A. Bethea

Best Offseason Acquisition: TE Alex Hernandez

Thuaghts on your Division: Competition is stacked in the AFC North and East it's up to the South and West to prove they belong

Anything Else you want to say: Dont think lacey should have been moved from my team based on an article time stamped 11:01. Moves were already made and FA was over when it was brought up. I know of other moves that ligitimately should have been done and weren't and those guys arent bitching about it. If you all felt he had a case you could have compensated him with an additonal FA pick or something to that effect. Now I have to spend mine replacing lacey and there are several other areas where I have need Ie. everywhere. (you asked if i had anything to say).

Prediction on your Record: 6-11

Team: Jaguars

2 Key Offensive Players: HB Maurice Jones-Drew, TE Marcedes Lewis

2 Key Defensive Players: RE Jared Allen, LE Chris Clemons

Best Offseason Move: Getting the franchise QB B.J. Bates!

Thuaghts on your Division: Not familiar with the people but I feel confident I can win the div.

Anything Else you want to say: The Jacksonville Jaguars are no longer a struggling franchise looking for an identity. With a franchise QB and other pieces in place look for the Jaguars to consistently compete for Super Bowls.

Prediction on your Record: 11-5


2 Key Offensive Players: Andre Johnson, Adrian Foster

2 Key Defensive Players: JJ Watt, Jonathon Joseph

Best Offseason Move: none (didn't do any)

Thuaghts on your Division: I don't think I have played any of these fellas before, but the AFC South teams in general are rebuilding...

Anything Else you want to say: once I get used to this game, I hope to make some noise...

Prediction on your Record: 6-10 would be a good season for a stacked team and a rookie madden '12 owner

Team: Denver Broncos

2 Key Offensive Players: Peyton Manning and Peyton Manning

2 Key Defensive Players: Champ and Von

Best Offseason Move: Peyton Manning?

Thuaghts on your Division: Thoughts? Peyton Manning

Anything Else you want to say: Peyton Manning

Prediction on your Record: Peyton Manning





2 Key Offensive Players:hankerson and helu

2 Key Defensive Players:new rook fs young and orapko beast

Best Offseason Move:gettin flynn was a smart move for me

Thuaghts on your Division:i think it be pretty good and close call who wins it

Anything Else you want to say:i hate fucking van hehe

Prediction on your Record:prolly a average 9-7

Team: Dallas Cowboys

2 Key Offensive Players: Tony Romo / Dez Bryant

2 Key Defensive Players: DeMarcus Ware / Sean Lee

Best Offseason Move: Drafting RG Dillon Saunders. Gotta keep Romo safe

Thuaghts on your Division: I believe I am a position to make the playoffs in this division, if not win it.

Anything Else you want to say: grim is a bitch. Jk, but seriously, HA is a cutie.

Prediction on your Record: 10-6

New York Giants

Bradshaw & Manning(Key Offensive)

JPP & Tuck(Key Defensive)

Best Off-season Move (LT Albert)

Very level division. Not sure what Redskins bring to the table the others are all on the same plateau.

I expect to finish around 6-10. If I remember correctly the skill sets of most owners in this league was very high. But I do think my team itself is good enough to get 2 wins on its own.


2 Key Offensive Players:QB Mike Vick - WR Desean Jackson

2 Key Defensive Players:SS Kurt Coleman - DT Cullen Jenkins

Best Offseason Move:None

Thuaghts on your Division: 6-0

Anything Else you want to say:I am going to abuse relentless base D he calls all game with Mike Vick

Prediction on your Record:10-6

Team: Chicago Bears

2 Key Offensive Players: Uh Oh someone let me get a tight end, Pierro! Matt Forte will also have a big year

2 Key Defensive Players: Martez Wilson moves to the middle and Urlacher mans up with the tight ends of the world

Best Offseason Move: Brandon Marshall coming to town

Thuaghts on your Division: The division is tough, dmaki going to have a lot of weapons, drty loaded up his passing attack to go against my poor secondary, and I must have missed the fantasy draft.... Umm Vikings no AP, no Allen, no Winfield, No Ponder, odd just odd

Anything Else you want to say: No OV twice a season is a blessing and a bad thing, for one he beats me a lot, but he is one of the players that I don't get pissed off playing

Prediction on your Record: 9-7

Team: Detroit Lions

2 Key Offensive Players:
QB Matthew Stafford
WR Calvin Johnson

2 Key Defensive Players:
DT Ndamukong Suh
FS OJ Atogwe

Best Offseason Move:
2nd Round Pick for CB Rashean Mathis

Thuaghts on your Division:
I'm in a divison with 3 guys who have made the playoffs
in multiple seasons so it won't be easy.

Anything Else you want to say:
I'm excited to lose my first game as the Lions to the Seahawks.

Prediction on your Record:
I'm an average player I'll predict an 9-7 record for myself.



Carolina Panthers

2 Key Offensive Players:
QB Cam Newton and HB Jonathan Stewart

2 Key Defensive Players:
MLB Jon Beason and CB Chris Gamble

Best Offseason Move:
Haven't made any trades so it would have to be acquiring a future all pro RG in Joel Snyder

Thoughts on your Division:
I think this will be a fun and competitive division. Rushing is always tough. Coach and I have had our battles in the past and I don't have anything nice to say about Grim so I'll keep my mouth shut in that department.

Anything Else you want to say:
Panthers are just ready to get this season rolling and see how things work out in this division. I know several players are very excited about the bounty program so watch out!

Prediction on your Record:

Team: New Orleans Saints

2 Key Offensive Players: QB Drew Brees, WR Marques Colston

2 Key Defensive Players: CB Jabari Greer, DT Sedrick Ellis

Best Offseason Move: Drafting RT Conor Ellis

Thoughts on your Division: Excited about being a member of the NFC South. Tampa Bay is
a great team led by an outstanding coach and gm. Carolina has won multiple championships and
coach zou will have them playing great football will be two hard hitting
football games with the Panthers. The Atlanta Falcons are a loaded squad led by
their fiery coach grim. The Saints are really excited about playing the
Falcons, there has been a lot of chirping out of Falcons camp that they are
gonna whoop up on the Saints, we will be ready.

Anything Else you want to say: Excited to get this season started and glad to
see the league adopt our bounty policy. Get those games scheduled and played!!!

Prediction on your Record: 8-8



St.Louis Rams

2 Key Offensive Players:
QB Sam Bradford
WR Danario Alexander

2 Key Defensive Players:
MLB James Laurinaitis
CB Cortland Finnegan

Best Offseason Move:
Drafting slot WR DeMikael Augustus

Thoughts on your division:
Gonna be a tough division with the dedicated owners in it

Prediction on your Record:
A .500 season is probably asking to much


2 Key Offensive Players: Roddy White, Vernon Davis

2 Key Defensive Players: Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith

Best Offseason Move: Trading for Roddy

Thuaghts on your Division: great group of guys, easy to schedule with, and ovf will win the division Very Happy

Anything Else you want to say: I'm going stomp Bo ass!!!

Prediction on your Record: 16-0 (cough, cough 8-Cool


2 Key Offensive Players: WR Dial, WR Fitz

2 Key Defensive Players: MLB Washington, MLB Cushing

Best Offseason Move: Getting LBs Cushing and Wimbley to solidify my LB core

Thuaghts on your Division: Gonna be a tough ass division. They all play hard and never know what happens

Anything Else you want to say: I just hope we have a fun season and that the Cards make the playoffs this year.

Prediction on your Record: 10-6


Trent Williams Marshawn Lynch

London Fletcher Earl Thomas

Signing London Fletcher

Love my Division

Wish More People would do writeups


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