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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

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Wildturke Interview


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Wildturke Interview

Post by ovfd55 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:15 pm

First Congrat on making playoffs last year how did that Feel?

It felt great! I was hoping to make to the second rd of the playoffs but Bundy is a very good owner and he wasn't letting me pull two wins on him.

On a depressing note this season hasn't started out as planned whats wrong?

To be honest I'm not sure. We only changed one player on Defense and tried to add a running game on Offense. However we have had some inj that has been very notable. TE Cook went out for 9 weeks after 1 catch in the 1st game, and lost MLB McCarthy for 4 weeks. Plus some players just don't seem to be up to par. Been very disappointed in my ROLB Greene. He is our team leader and has not stepped up like he should. Could be coaching I guess but our coaching staff has not changed anything about play calling or playbook.

Did any of your offseason moves effect the team?

Well we were not happy with our running game and wanted to see if adding some guys would help. Hillis seems to be having some trouble adjusting to the offense. I have been impressed with HB Robinson. Just think he just has not have enough touches yet.

Are you starting to regret trading CJ after seeing how he is doing in St.Louis?

no not all. Jenning and Greene was a big payoff last season. Combine for 19 TDs. Glad to see CJ playing well in St. Louis. Like to see that team win the division Very Happy

Many people doubted you bringing in a dog Killing Mike Vick a couple years ago are you still happy with that move?

I'm very happy the way Vick is playing in Tennessee. He has struggle some this season, but that not all his fault. We have do a better job of protecting him.
(No Dogs were harmed in this interview)

How does a Man for North Carolina become the owner of the Titans?

Well been a Titans fan for 12 years, so glad to get the chance to coach them. Plus it always worked out that my good friend Farenheit would coach the Panthers, but since he can't be here winning Super Bowls for them, glad someone like TStrohBros is.

Lastly what are your thoughts on longtime Foes,NCEliminator and Aceblazer13?

It been great having these guys in the division. NCEliminator is always fun to play even though he likes to sit at the bottom of the division most of the time, and Ace is always a challenge. It is just too bad the Jags owner thinks he has to live on an island. On another note I predict Jags to win the division this season. Razz
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Re: Wildturke Interview

Post by HittinAgenda on Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:25 pm

Great interview!

I'd like to thank Turke for trading CJ2K to St. Louis. Without that trade, Keiwone O'neal would not be part of my team.

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