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"Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune


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"Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

Post by coachw527 on Mon Jan 18, 2016 5:15 am


San Diego Chargers

Chargers Park, San Diego, CA The San Diego Chargers are coming of a disastrous 4-12 season marred by poor quarterback play, no run game, and a worn down long in the tooth defense; the future looked bleak. However an excellent off season highlighted by some nice trades and above average draft left many with a sense of optimism heading into the 2018 campaign. Many highly talented players were about to embark on their first season as San Diego Chargers. We had the chance to speak with one of those players TE Jordan Cameron.

File photo: TE Jordan Cameron at practice with the Miami Dolphins

What was your reaction when you found out you were being traded?

"Wow, was the first thing I said, how can this be happening to me." "That shock turned into anger and frustration. I had given the Dolphins organization and their owner bizzyrg everything I had, how can he just get rid of me??"

How did you feel when they informed you San Diego was your destination?

"I was very excited, stoked actually. I am a "stats" nerd and I always check the stats of the TEs around the league. San Diego usually has one of the more productive TEs in the league." "I was also ecstatic to be heading home to California where I grew up, and the ladies well you know............"

What is your opinion on the rumors that coachw527 is selling the Chargers?

"That's something that I don't really worry about as a player for this organization. I came here to play football not to follow rumors. Think that was kind of a bullshit question really."

Why do you feel that way? 

"Rumors are fucking bullshit and you know it. I heard he was cursing up a storm in the owners box during our week 1 loss too. Well you know what, I think that's fucking cool he was doing that. I played for an owner in Miami who would say "jiminy Christmas, and gosh darn, that's some boring shit that just don't inspire people. Say what you want about coachw527, he fucking cares about his players, so I would appreciate it if you would just shut the fuck up and don't mention him again or this interview is over, understand??

How do you think your season is going to go?

"I think we are gonna have a successful season. The problem with the media is everything is measured with wins and losses. The guys in that locker room are fighters, they are all professionals with class. Some of you reporter types should take some notes from them on how to be professional."

What about the injury to starting QB Reid Pace?

"Dude really? Another dumb question, Reid worked his ass off to prepare for this season to lead this team. Im fucking pissed off that he got hurt, he has a tremendous amount of talent and is our leader." "I will tell you this much Mr. Reporter: QBs Tom Savage and Ryan Mallet are good fucking quarterbacks who can lead this team. Why does that question sound like you think we are done because Reid got hurt.??"

No disrespect to Reid or the team, just wanted to know how you guys were gonna deal with it and you answered my question. In closing I was curious to know how your time in Cleveland was? I have some friends who are big Browns fans?

"Cleveland, well it was cold. It was cold as a witches tit in a brass bra actually." "I did love the dog pound, that was tight. The fans in Cleveland are nuts, they have an edge to them that I don't see anywhere else." "However there were 0 hot bitches in Cleveland." 

Thanks for your time enjoy your practice for the Broncos.

"I will, I hate those fucking Broncos, always have always will."

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Re: "Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

Post by bizzyrg on Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:10 pm

LOL. I'm glad he's angry.
G Waffle19

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Re: "Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

Post by G Waffle19 on Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:51 pm

That is a fact, zero hot bitches in Cleveland
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Re: "Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

Post by LethalNtention on Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:57 pm

Lol... Good stuff. 

"jiminy Christmas" lol.

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Re: "Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

Post by zukezuchegno on Wed Jan 20, 2016 7:12 am

Jordan only has love for this bitch

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Re: "Goin Back To Cali" - TE Jordan Cameron / San Diego Union Tribune

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