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About Halfway Rookie Grades


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About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by ovfd55 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:59 am

These Grades are Based more on Stats not Reather it was a need/want Pick

1.Cards-MLB J.Joplin A-

Joplin Is tied for the lead in tackles for rookies at 25.The reason this is a A- and not a A or better is he only has 1 sack and no turnovers Forced.With the 1st pick you need more of a playmaker not a tackling machine.

2.Seahawks-Qb J.Riggs I
Not all his fualt but missing 6 or 7 games doesn't give him stats to grade on yet the Seahawks are 2-1 in games Riggs plays in.This will prob be in the B+ to A range by end of year but for now it's a I.

3.Raiders-OLB M.Crawford A-
Crawford Has really good Stats 17 tackles 4 sacks 2 INTs.But he has not reacted to the coaching change to good and stats are not appearing like they did under the former coach,hopefully he picks it back up for Coach Code.

4.Bengals-FS M.Dawson I(R)

Dawson pick also gets a I as he is currentl on the IR with a season ending injury.

5.Browns-CB J Franklin B
Franklin is hard to grade but most corners are.6 tackles and 1 int arn't bad stats but I personally expected more out of him.He might be a shutdown guy and ball not get passed to alot for his stats but I can't tell if thats the case.

6.Bucs-FS Aaron B-
Aaron has 18 Takles but hasn't been a playmaker with no sacks ints or FF.I think Bucs expected more out of him.

7.Rams-WR A.Barksdale A
Barksdale is exactly what was expected a big time playmaker,Leading all rookie and at top of league in rec yards.He has slowed some latley as teams pay more attention to him but right now its a A.

8.Bills- RT Bucher B+
Its Really Hard to Judge O-Lineman.The Bills seem to be playing good and Bucher only allowed 1 sack per stat.

9.Lions- CB Murray C+

Murray only has 3 tackles and 1 int,you expect more out of a top 10 pick 7 games in.
10.Giants- HB Freeman D
Sorry But a top 10 pick should get more time than Freeman is getting only touching the ball about 3-4 times a game aint cutting it for a top 10 pick

11.Jags- WR Marshall A
Marshall is leading Rookies in rec TDs and is the Target Jax wanted and Got in the Draft.Still think Marshall woulda looked nice in DET next to Calvin but the ship sailed on draft day and Marshall will help Gabbert improve.

12.Chiefs-DE McKenzie A+
McKenzie is leading the League not just rookies in Sacks with 8.So he's AVG a little over 1 sack a game,I belive KC got just what they was looking for.

13.Falcons-RG B.Harris B-
Again hard to judge O-lineman.While not showing giving up sacks in stats,Harris is on what should be a explosive Offense instead they havn't won A game.Turner should excell behind him but no so going with a B-

14.Panthers-RT Walker D
O line is hard to Judge,But has Walker even played before the trade?

15.Jets- SS Mingley A

Mingley has 24 tackles a sack a INT and a Forced Fumble.A playmaker behind Revis and Cro was needed and Mingley has not disappointed.

16.Packers DE Morgan B
Morgan hasn't had a bad year 9 tackles and 2 sacks on a stout D.But seems he woulda been more of a gap stuffer than what greenbay stats show.

17.Redskins HB Cox B+
Cox Has Rushed for a good amount of yards and double degit TDs for the Skins and the main reason they are in division race.But you wonder if A diff HB could be doing this and they have a playmaker else where.

18.Chargers TE Hoppes C+

Hoppes 12 Catches with 2 TDs isn't worse thing I've seen out of a 1st round Pickbut You still have Gates and coulda used Defesive help.

19.Dolphins WR Anthony I

11 Weeks out after his first NFL game gives me nothing to go on.

20.Colts SS Boyd A+
Colt got great value here and a key player on there D in Boyd tied for Rookie lead in tackles and Also has 3 ints.

21.49ers C Daniel C+
Seems like a Fair grade for my own Pick

22.Saints LT Strong B+
Strong is a Olineman and they seem to be running good but again hard to judge O-line on Stats.

23.Ravens MLB Hall B
19 Tackles and 2 FF he seems to fit in the Ravens D.

24.Titans CB Justice D
8 Tackles means he allowing Catches while having 0 Ints.

25.Bears WR Williams D
Less than 100 yards reciving for a 1st round pick this late in season is sad.Maybe he got hurt and I didn't see it.

26 Eagles MLB Dansby B
16 Tackles 1 int 1 sack not bad at all but expected a little more.

27.Patriots DT Manning D
2 tackles and 1 sack?Wilfork and Haynes already on your Dline seems like a playmaker coulda been got and helped the team more.

28.Vikings OLB Cooper B+
Cooper has 18 tackles 5 Sacks and 1 int and is really helping a Slow Minny Defense.

29.Eagles OLB Sanders A
Looked bad during the draft but Sanders is a monster on the madden Field 19 Tackles 5 Sacks 1 int 2 FF,and he Killed Vernon Davis so A=Asshole for Sanders

30.Texans QB Jones C+
Jones had but up #'s with Andre and Owen but 6 TDs to ( ints need to be cleaned up.

31.Cowboys LG Hall B
O-line hard to judge guess it works can't tell by their stats

32.Broncos HB C.Mays B-
Mays hasn't looked bad in Denver 580 yards and 6 TDs,but another postion might of Helped More.

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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by sunshine1327 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:47 pm

Awesome Job OV.. loving the A grade although Barksdale has been seemingly absent as of late, especially in our game

cannot wait for the midway mock

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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by ntnDarkalpha on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:49 pm

Great Write up, OVF. Nice to go back and look at the pre-season grades and compare to how it is now.

PS. Your Center will probably be an "A+" within 2-3 years after he's the best remaining Center in the league.
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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by HittinAgenda on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:43 pm

Terrific write-up! I'm very happy with Mays' grade at the midway point. He's been splitting carries with KnoSho and has been facing 8-men in the box with the lack of passing attack.

Sunday saw his first action as the feature back. With Timmy T. getting things going early, Mays had no problem ripping off 174 yds and 2 TDs including some big runs off of missed tackles by the Grade-A Jets' Safety.

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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by dolphan9954 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:55 pm

Williams is buried on the depth chart, he is the 5th WR for the Bears. Proves to be a matchup nightmare in that role, but with the guys performing ahead of him it doesn't look for him. His lack of being "special" in any specific ratings will limit to merely slot potential.
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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by aceblazer13 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:16 pm

Excellent write-up as usual. Very entertaining.

I'd like to add that Jags WR De'Joshua Marshall leads the entire league for receiving TDs not just rookies.
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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by Itz BankShots on Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:38 am

Joplin Salutes you.

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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by zoufan on Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:59 am

Very nice sir as always. Love reading these write-ups!
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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

Post by WildTurkeKiller on Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:09 pm

24.Titans CB Justice D
8 Tackles means he allowing Catches while having 0 Ints

means he is the # 4 CB Very Happy

great stuff however ovfd

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Re: About Halfway Rookie Grades

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