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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

May 2018


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Top 5 Divisions



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Top 5 Divisions

Post by ovfd55 on Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:29 am

5.AFC East

Division lead by the 10-1 Phins come in at #5.You have a guy having a great season at top of Division in Lethal.If Prides net ever gets out of the Bathroom Stall Gloryhole,you have another playoff contender.Baddass and Marty both have had moments and should improve.

4.AFC North

The Division of Tosh.The Division coming in 4th in the list is ran by the Superbowl favorite Tosh or better known as phoofy's brother in law.Oc and Waffle both currently hold wildcard spots in the afc but both don't have a easy finish to the year.Dave is the mystery of Division if he can get better they would climb up the division rankings.

3.NFC East

The Elders of Draftwho come in at #3.Lead by the Commish(Cause they let me win) as I could end up having nfc Home field in playoffs.Followed by Bundy who's one game out of playoffs at moment and if he gets in could cuase damage.Zuke and Grim both have had good wins if they could play more games at that level would be right there in playoff contention next season.

2.NFC South

The Dirty South comes in at #2.Currently tied at the top of this Division is 2 guys with 2 names phoofyphil and the datomcat vs Draftpic and HD Fire either could make a run in NFC Playoffs.3rd come a guy who coming off huge wins vs Tosh and Luigi in Double clutch if he keeps that up he might be sitting atop the nfc next year.Lastly if Rush ever finds his game you'd be looking at the #1 Division.

1.NFC West

The 1st place division is the only one that currently has all 4 team at .500 or better.With Randy and Luigi tied at the top of the Division either could win superbowl this year if chips fall the right way.Coach could still make playoffs but has ran into a buzzsaw of a schedule to finish the season and could be right back in the hunt next year though.Zou might be in last but seems to be finding a groove and if he Finds a QB in the offseason,he might be right there at playoff cutoff come next season.

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Re: Top 5 Divisions

Post by bizzyrg on Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:37 am

This is not really a debate with all teams above .500. Great work OV.
G Waffle19

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Re: Top 5 Divisions

Post by G Waffle19 on Fri Oct 03, 2014 12:00 pm

great write up, OV
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Re: Top 5 Divisions

Post by LethalNtention on Sat Oct 04, 2014 11:08 pm

Good stuff... love the articles coming out this year.  Thanks to all that make them!

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Re: Top 5 Divisions

Post by Sponsored content

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