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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

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Kansas City Post

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Kansas City Post

Post by no1xdraftpck on Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:00 pm

Chiefs 2014 Season
Owner - Jared Ross
Coach - Andy Reid (2013 record - (13-3) SB Champs)

Week 1 - Loss to Packers (31 - 38)
Week 2 - Loss to Bears - SB Rematch (31 - 41)
Week 3 - Win vs. Bengals (CPU) (51 - 34)

Week 4 Match - up  (3-0)  

Patriots Rank
O - 19th
D - 5th

Chiefs Rank
O - 4th
D - 23rd

Team Leaders (KC)
QB - T.Bray - 101.3 (17th) 1091 yards (5th) 6 TD's (12th)
RB - J.Charles - 38 att - 390 yards (3rd) 10.3 ypc 5 TD's
WR - D.Magee* - 19 rec - 432 (2nd) 22.7 avg 4 TD's
MLB - D.Johnson - 23 tackles (2nd)
LE - T.Jackson - 12 tackles 5(TFL) 3 sacks

Team Leaders (NE)
QB - T.Brady - 142.6 (2nd) - 791 (15th) 7 TD's 2 INT's
RB - S.Ridley - 31 - 142 (33rd) 4.6 ypc 
TE - R.Gronkowski - 14 rec - 352 (8th) 25.1 avg 3 TD's
RE - C.Jones - 10 tackles 4(TFL) 3 sacks
Which coach's around the league influence you the most:

KOTB - Jets - The guy has great knowledge of both sides of the ball. He is sneaky yet conservative, which is the ultimate disguise because you never know when he will gash you for one. Very good at controlling the game, slowing people down.

Zuke - Browns - He is quiet, and it plays in his advantage. You never know what hes thinking and can instantly hurt you if you aren't ready for it. What I admire most is his consistency. For example, he wont give up on the run just because he was stuffed 2 times in a row. Consistency wins games, look out for the Browns (if they ever get off AP) Wink . 

Stinkfootbundy - Giants - Another one of those guys who is tough to get a read on. Cant ever play one side to aggressively because hes smart enough to adjust and hit you on the weak side. Great passing team. 

Sunshine - Cardinals - Always one of the best users out there. Quietly puts up MVP type numbers and can win with almost any bunch. Tough to gameplan against, because he has little weakness. Plays well defensively. 
Coach's to keep an eye on this season:

Tosh - Seahawks - 3-0 and off to another fantastic REG season. Can he translate the regular season success into playoff success?

Zoufan - Jaguars - 3-0 and yes its not a type-o. This team is full of spunk and wants to show everyone in the league that they are a team to be reckon with. Dont sleep on these guys Zoufan has drastically changed the way the locker room looks and has given his guys a will to win.

Bizzy - Dolphins - 3-0 and has a chip on his shoulder. Wants to get that bad taste out of his mouth which was a playoff loss to the Bengals last season. We know he can hang with the big dogs, but can he last enough rounds to make it to the big dance?

Lethal - Patriots - Last season was a dud, and dont expect to see lethal and the Patriots out of the playoff race anytime soon. They have built a solid team and is ready to compete for the Lombardi. 

Vanflank - Vikings - We knew this guy had some fight left in him, and hes coming back this season with a vengeance  We know hes got the talent, and now seems to have a formidable QB leading the way, does he have enough to achieve SB greatness.

Interview with Coach Andy Reid on winning the SB

Q - After a tough start to the season with a loss to the Jaguars, you were able to overcome it and rebound with an impressive 13-3 record. How were you able to do it?

AR - I think coming into a new season there is a lot of anticipation and anxiety that builds up not only in me but in the players as well. We took that loss personal and we made it a goal to prove to ourselves and to the league that we wouldn't let it affect the rest of our season. It was a learning process as the season progressed, it was a new team, new players, I had to earn their respect. We were able to build on each win and end the season with great momentum.

Q - Lets talk personnel for a minute here. You went and pulled your own Coach Harbaugh, benching QB - A.Smith for the rookie T.Bray. What were you thinking, and where can I buy a crystal ball like yours from?

AR - First off, Alex is a great guy and a good QB, it was strictly a business call from the owner Jared Ross. He made the call and wanted to go with Bray after our week 1 loss. I can't argue with the call of course, he led our team to the SB and hands down was the MVP of the SB. I know Ross, and hes had previous success with winning the SB with rookie QB's ( Saints - E.Pongi) so im honestly not surprised by the outcome. 

Q - Can you give us a quick recap of your playoff run and eventual SB win?

AR - Oh man, where do I start. There are so many flashbacks going through my head at the moment its a little overwhelming. Each game had my blood pressure at dangerously high levels. I even had to sit down at an oxygen tank during one of the TV timeouts.

Divisional game - Colts @ Chiefs

This game was circled on our schedule as a potential match - up as soon as the wildcard games were set. We knew we had some unsettle business to take care of after they had spoiled our chance at a undefeated season at home. We knew they were tough and had a very cool - minded gm behind the wheel. The game started off in our favor as we won the turnover battle early and capitalized on almost every drive to make it out of reach and a easy win for the Chiefs.

AFC Conference Game - Bengals @ Chiefs

This game could go down as one of the playoff greats. A lot of back and forth action going on and it was hard to see who had a real advantage. Missed opportunities led the headlines for this game as both teams were frustrated. A couple big plays changed the pace of the game towards the end. The Chiefs D was solid in the 2nd half and managed to forced a critical fumble to seal the game after the Chiefs had successfully drove down the field to gain the lead.

SB Game - Bears Vs. Chiefs

I think this was our very first game of the season playing in full on snow. I was not excited to say the least as its very hard to prepare for weather. Our gameplan was forced to changed a little as we knew our deep and combo routes would be more difficult to complete. Guys were slipping and falling all over the place. The Chiefs suffered some fumbles early on that helped paved a way for the Bears advantage. Going into the half, I honest felt defeated. Our team was getting beat and pushed around and it was frustrating being out coached. 

We knew the 2nd half we had to be more aggressive and leave it all on the field. the Bears had a solid lead and were focused on ball control and clock management. This played to our advantage slightly as we knew the play calling may start to become a little more conservative. Down 17 points with about a 1 min to go in the 3rd it was gut check time. RB - J.Charles sparked the team with a 40 yard TD run as time expired in the 3rd, bringing the deficit down to 10 points. A couple great defensive stands and 3 and outs led to us capitalizing with quick scores to get the game even. We have actually tied the game and our sideline is going nuts! However, Bears WR and Special Team future HOF D.Hester had a glimmer in his eye as he lined up and you could tell he was bound to do something amazing. What do you know he makes a fantastic cut on the first pursued tackle, spins by 1-3 Chiefs(causing a team collision) all the way to the endzone to give the Bears a 7 point lead just after the Chiefs climbed back from 17 down to tie it. 

Q - How did you feel watching D.Hester sprint all the way down the field on that ensuing kick-off?

AR - Honestly, I wanted someone to run off the sidelines and tackle him. My heart was in my stomach, it had sunk so low. 

Q - We saw you pull QB - T.Bray aside during the extra point and kick-off, what did you say to him?

AR - I said, "Kid, I know it may seem like a lot of pressure, but just go out there like its opening drive, have fun with it" I waited for him to say something, anything, but he just stared at me with this look like he had done this a million times before. It really made me at ease to see that confident look in his eyes and I knew that he believed in his team and himself.

The kid put on a brilliant performance leading his team all the way down for the game tying score with 10 seconds left on the clock. The game still wasn't over, we had to kick to that Hester guy again... I told the kicker to kick it all the way far right without kicking it out of bounds and maybe our special team guys can corner him in. Hester manged to break a good return but it wasn't enough as the game was headed for overtime.

We were fortunate to win the coin toss and receive the ball first. If it had been the other way around, I know it would be the Bears holding the Lombardi Trophy. 

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Re: Kansas City Post

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very impressive J. Ross...very impressive

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Re: Kansas City Post

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didnt get a chance to say how much i liked this write up the other day. Very good expansive work. you honestly coulda broke tis thing up into multiple write ups. Nicely done good sir

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Re: Kansas City Post

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ya this is tits

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