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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

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OVNN Games of Week 2


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OVNN Games of Week 2

Post by ovfd55 on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:35 pm


New York Giants(1-0) AT Washington Redskins(1-0)

Both Teams coming off Wins over good owners,and winner of this one takes early control over the NFC East.

Key Players

Ahmad Bradshaw(NYG)

Brain Orakpo(WAS)


Giants win 17-14 not sure if O-line can protect Redskins vs Giants front 4


Oakland Raiders(1-0) vs New York Jets(1-0)

Oakland Dominated in week one with its defense while Jets earned a hard fuaght win vs Cincy.Another Big win would make the Raiders the team to beat in the league here.
Key Players

Micheal Huff(OAK)

Shonn Green(NYJ)
Prediction Oakland wins 38-14

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Re: OVNN Games of Week 2

Post by Drty on Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:57 am

The Oakland Raiders (Julius Jackson) travel to New York (Herbanomics) as
the Jets are set to face off against the Raiders. The Jets and Raiders
are on the same path after both teams start off the season with big wins.

The Raiders were able to deliver one of the biggest upsets of the season
last week when they destroyed the Chicago Bears 78-16. Meanwhile,
the Jets were able to pull off a 24-17 win against a young Bengals team.


The success or failure of this offense once again rests upon the
shoulders of the offensive line. They played well enough to win against
the Bears, but they will have to ratchet it up further, as Oakland's defense will not be able to gather 6 interceptions every game like they did against the Bears last week. The Jets defense is lost an important piece in nose tackle Kris Jenkins during the offseason, but they are still a highly ranked defense.

The Raiders are going to have to run the ball and run the ball well. Darren McFadden had an amazing game Week One, and he will need to repeat that performance. The key from Jason Campbell (assuming he gets the start) will be for him to minimize mistakes.


The Raiders are going to have to play sound fundamental defense and
prevent the Jets running backs from breaking off big runs. They also
have to keep Mark Sanchez off balance. Sanchez is coming off of a dismal
performance against the Bengals. The Raiders defense has to ensure that Sanchez doesn't find an easy rhythm.
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Re: OVNN Games of Week 2

Post by be5t name ever on Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:49 am

Pretty sure my game lived up to the hype. Drove like 80 yards in a minute to score a tying 10 yard td to put game into overtime.

Julius Jackson

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Re: OVNN Games of Week 2

Post by Julius Jackson on Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:20 pm

beautiful write up

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Re: OVNN Games of Week 2

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