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AFC - 2017 Regular Season

AFC East

Team Owner Ovr Div
Lethal 4-2 0-0
maori Rugger
3-4 0-0
5-2 0-0
PacknLipper 1-7 0-0

AFC North

Team Owner Ovr
TStrohbros 5-3 0-0
CCBeaver 1-6 0-0
Ovfd55 5-2 0-0
Luigi 5-2 0-0

AFC South

Team Owner Ovr Div
Vanflank 5-2 0-0
Dardman50 3-4 0-0
Zoufan 6-1 0-0
Nwstudly 3-3 0-0

AFC West

Team Owner Ovr Div
Bizzy 5-2 0-0
Widow 2-5 0-0
Doublenutt 1-6 0-0
OJ jr 3-4 0-0

June 2018


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Madden 16 League Rules


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Madden 16 League Rules

Post by zukezuchegno on Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:31 pm

Madden 15 Online CFM
*Subject to change at any time*


Owner or Coach
Difficulty- ALL-MADDEN
Quarter Length- 9 Minutes
Accelerated Clock- Yes 17 Second runoff
Game Speed- normal
Auto Strafe- Off
Heat Seeker- Off
Ball Hawk- Off
Switch Assist- Off
Fill Roster- Off
Resign Players- Off
Progress players- OFF
Sign Offseason Free Agents- Off
Preseason- 2 games a year
Relocating teams-TBD
Advance Schedule- Every 48 hours (Regardless of Games to be Played)


***You went out of your way to look online and sign up to what seemed like a legit community. You wanted to get away from the regular bullshit of cheesing and glitching we've all come to know and hate in Madden. So please respect your opponents and DO NOT RUN UP THE SCORE. Running the ball and running out the clock are generally regarded as best practices when up by 3 or more TDs. Allow your opponent to pause for subbing in backups in the event of a blowout. We ask that you keep it respectful and civil.*** 


Quitting games will not be tolerated for any reason period. 


COMMUNICATE immediately via Xbox Live or chat box and let your opponent know what has happened. 

Ultimately this will have to be a game-by-game case-by-case basis. Please use your best judgement and the rest of the league in mind when discussing with the player on what to do in the event of a disconnect. 

The administrators do not need to be involved in every decision. If you and your opponent can come to an agreement on a plan of action regarding the disconnection, then go ahead and handle it. If a decision is not clear or an agreement can not be reached then please contact an administrator via PM immediately for resolution on an issue.


Any infraction or gameplay issue between opponents that cannot be resolved immediately should be communicated through a PM to the administrators. It is very important that no issues be discussed, argued, or posted in the chatbox or in the forums. This includes trades that have been proposed, approved, or declined.

***Complaints along with negative trends in gameplay will be discussed by the admins and players will be booted if there is consensus that the player is in violation of the league’s gameplay policies.*** 


***You may schedule via whatever communication method you prefer, but use of the scheduling thread is the only documentation that will be used to grant a sub in the event of an AWOL opponent. Games that have not been played or scheduled within 48 hours will be SIM’d at the commissioner’s (or acting commissioner’s) discretion. *** 

If you are unable to play during a given week, please post that you are unavailable and we will put you on auto pilot. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time (workload, vacation, etc.), let an administrator know. 

Do not play the CPU unless you get approval from an administrator for extenuating circumstances.



4th Down Rules:  
-Anytime in the fourth quarter when you are trailing by 21 or more points
-Anytime in the fourth quarter inside of 5 min when you are trailing by 10 or more points
-Anytime in the fourth quarter inside of 3 minutes Down by any amount 

2pt conversions:
If the 2pt evens up the score 
If it puts you up by 3 or 7 anytime in the fourth quarter inside of 7 min

Faking it:
No fake punts or fake FGs in any situation at any time. 

Hurry-up offense: 
Only use hurry-up offense with 2 min or less at the end of a half or if your down by more than 1 score in the 4th QTR.

Quick snap:
Do not snap the ball immediately when the line is set. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least a 2 second clock run off once the offense is set.

Goal line sets:
Goal line  offenses are only to be used inside either 5 yard line (goal line situations like back to goal line or close to pay dirt).

Other things to note:
- You MAY NOT manually move your defensive lineman off the LOS before the ball is snapped and "free roam" with him. If you want to manually drop him back in coverage that is ok, but wait until after the snap.

-On Punt Returns, you cannot bring a player black more than 10 yards away from the LOS as an extra blocker before the ball is snapped

-Man in motion- Just make sure if you are manually putting a player in motion he comes to a complete stop before you hike the ball. Constantly running a WR in motion and waiting until he is right behind the guard or tackle to get an extra blocker or confuse the defensive AI on a route will not be permitted much less tolerated. 


Mix up your playcalling- Very simple. There are a bunch of plays on both offense and defense in each playbook. This allows you a large amount of flexibility when it comes to calling the game. Every team has its strengths and weaknesses on offense and defense. But nobody wants to defend 3 pass plays/route combos all game. Nobody wants to defend 22 HB tosses either. If your starting quarterback is Ryan Fitzpatrick it doesn't make sense for you to pass the ball 40 times a game. But when you do run, mix up the formations that you choose to use as well as the actual plays you are running. There should be a decent pass to run ratio. Likewise, on defense you will probably get smoked if you blitz every single down and get picked apart if you sit in zone all game. Give different looks, you will be more competitive and a more skilled player in the end. 

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